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Foto asli product kami

Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (6)Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (4)

Tas Selempang Dry Tube Bag Waterproof

Harga Rp 170.000,-  Sorry, OUT OF STOCK ( Maaf, stock sudah habis )

Size tas :
Height : 55
Diameter : 20
Size: 15 litre

Color : Kuning ( Yellow Only )

Bahan : PVC

Fitur :
* Cocok untuk aktivitas luar yang selalu membawa peralatan/elektronik tetap kering sehingga tidak perlu takut perubahan cuaca seperti hujan, air dll

Cocok untuk aktivitas :
^ Dimusim hujan saat mengendarai motor atau jalan kaki
^ Berenang
^ Snorkling
^ Diving
^ Memancing
^ Hiking
^ Main ke pantai
^ Traveling
^ Mountain Biking (Sepeda Gunung)
^ Mendaki Gunung

Featured ;
– 100% waterproof 15 litre yellow bag
– Lightweight, tough and durable sack
– Electronically welded seams, ensuring no leaks
– Wipe clean surface with adjustable shoulder strap
– Perfect for backpacking, camping, surfing and other outdoor activities
Built with PVC-free, 300D nylon with double urethane coating
Protect your things and take care of them waterproof dry bag!

This waterproof bag is perfect for taking with you on any outdoor activity and will ensure that your equipment is kept dry. It is 100% waterproof while being extremley lightweight and durable. All seams are electronically welded to ensure no leaks. The bag also features a wipe clean surface, removable strap.

To seal bag simply close the top and roll tightly 3 – 4 times. Bend the seal in and click the buckles together – bag is now completely watertight! To clean, rinse thoughly with clean cold water. Grab yours now!

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Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (1) Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (2) Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (3)

Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (4) Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (5) Waterproof Dry Tube Bag (6)